Packing Tips From Our Movers

Packing tips and boxesThe "Golden rule" for packing.

Heavy Items like books & files go in small boxes. Light Items like linens & pillows go in large boxes.

Electronic equipment

For electronic equipment, the best thing to use would be the original box with its packing material. If you don't have these, it's a very good idea to use heavy-duty TV boxes. The last thing you want is for your box to break open and your equipment to be destroyed.


Take apart any furniture you can. Put hardware in a plastic bag and tape bag to item to keep them together. Wrap all items made of wood and the legs of tables and chairs in bubble wrap, blankets or furniture pads

Kitchenware and fragile glass

Wrap all fragile items in bubble wrap or inkless newspaper. If you are packing plates or bowls, be sure to put layers of bubble wrap or newspaper in between. Use plenty of paper!

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5 stars from Seth Grigsby, Venice, FL.

David and his crew showed up on time and moved everything I ask in a timely and safe way. He charged what he said he would and was very reasonable with his rates.

5 stars from Cheryl Arena, Rotunda West, FL.

My experience with this company was as pleasant as I could have imagined. The movers were very professional, took great care of my things and they worked extremely hard to make this move for me .They were also very friendly and never complained about all the trips up and down the three flights of stairs necessary to get my possessions out of the 3rd floor apartment. I would highly recommend them to any one.

5 stars from Sean Premo, Sarasota, FL.

We needed a company to pack and move so we contacted Family Movers since we like the policy of flat hourly billing. They sent a team that was all business. I expected them to take 6-8 hours to pack the house. They did it in 3 hours and in a professional manner. They provided the boxes and all tools necessary at no additional cost. We moved everything the next day. It took about 7 hours to move and unpack the new house. It cost less than $1,500. Money well spent.

5 stars from Sara Langlois, Sarasota, FL.

I have used this company twice in the last year! The staff are friendly and respectful. They were careful with my belongings and efficient with the move. I would highly recommend hiring Family Moving of Venice and I would not hesitate to use this company a third time.