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When it's time to move, either residentially or commercially, you can count on the best movers in Cape Coral, FL- Call 239-205-4444 Family Moving LLC to get the job done right. We offer reliable and affordable moving services to and from anywhere in the great state of Florida. We've been in business for more than 35 years, and we've earned a reputation for excellence. We pride ourselves on giving our customers a great service as at a price that can't be beaten. Aside from having the best prices and being the most reliable moving company, there are other reasons why Family Moving LLC is the best movers in Cape Coral, FL.

We Only Hire the Best

When adding a new member to our moving family, we implement a strict vetting system during the application and interview process. This ensures that we only hire the best workers who not only meet the physical and aptitude requirements we demand to give our customers the service they expect but we also vigorously check backgrounds for criminal records and character references. Interpersonal skills are a must for anybody we hire because we want all of our customers to feel safe and at ease no matter who they deal with from our company. Our drivers and movers are ambassadors for our firm, and we expect the best. We won't send anyone to your home or establishment we wouldn't trust in our own.

Residential and Commercial Movers and Furniture Store Delivery

We offer comprehensive residential and commercial moving services. We even provide deliveries directly from furniture stores to your destination of choice. Word of mouth gains most of our business. We have an above average customer satisfaction rating across the Web. Family Moving LLC is known for operating with integrity in all circumstances.

Family Moving LLC helps facilitate the moving process from start to finish. We'll get you set up with the all the boxes you need, and we have wardrobe boxes to protect your dress clothes. With almost four decades of business, we know how to pack, wrap, cover, and protect all of your belongings, so nothing gets damaged. We'll help you pack and unpack if you need help, and we'll load and unload the truck for you. If you have physical limitations, please talk to our moving coordinator about furniture installation in your new location. We'll even clean the place you're leaving for you so you can focus on getting settled in your new place and moving on with your life and business.

No Unexpected Expenses

When we give you your quote, you will be given all of your projected expenses up front. We understand how frustrating and how wrong it is, from a customer's standpoint, to be hit with hidden and unexpected fees. "Well, isn't this standard moving company operating procedure," you may ask yourself. It should be, but sadly, it's not. Many customers will automatically choose the moving company who gives them the lowest quote up front. Unfortunately, many moving companies make their profits from fine print charges. Many moving companies charge a low standard rate up front, but then they charge for fuel costs, time, labor costs, stair fees, long walks, pad wrapping, and other fees. We gain our business by doing honest business.

Best Movers Cape Coral Fl
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